Baby Books, Anyone?

Out of the seven children in my family, not one of them has a completed baby book! After talking with people I realized that not many people do. My cousin and his girlfriend just happened to have their first child one month before mine. His girlfriend and I decided to get together for a day of “baby booking” and scrapbooking with the babes. It was so fun! We happened to have the same book, too!

On her way to my house she was so excited and told me that she had tons of stuff with her! When I hung up the phone I looked at my sister and said “She said she brought tons of crafting stuff. Wait until she see’s my porch!” (My workshop is on my three-season porch)

I cleared off my dining room table and we sprawled all of our stuff out while the babies socialized with each other.

Now, I tend to be a loner. I don’t have friends my age in the area that either have a child around the same age as mine, or have any at all. I don’t belong to any mommy and me or stroller groups. I’m a new mommy with a starter business and my free time is scarce.

This activity was so much fun to share with another person whose child is going through the same milestones as mine. We made so much progress on the books when we were doing them together and we were able to combine it with a play date.

Here are some links I found where you can print out your own baby book pages!

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