Product Review: Brica Infant Comfort Canopy

Product Review: Brica Infant Comfort Canopy

I bought this product when I was pregnant. I figured it would be an affordable rain cover for my stroller. The past two weeks have put this thing to the test! We have had torrential downpores and beautiful August nights.

The Brica Infant Comfort Canopy comes in a flat round pouch, roughly the size of a frizbie, and unfolds into the shape shown in the link provided. It  has an elastic base to create a nice seal around your infants car seat and a small pouch to store the rain canopy in when you only need the netted portion, similar to a jacket with a hidden hood.

The netted portion has a zipper to easily access the infant if needed and the elastic bottom helps create a nice seal against insects. For water resistance, the rain canopy can be removed from the pouch and loosely placed and snapped over the screen. The sides are made of both netting and water resistant fabric for protection and airflow.

As a water resistant system, I wasnt completely pleased. although the fabric snapped over the screen, I was not convinced that my child would stay dry with the way the fabric waved in the wind without additional snaps.

As screened containment this product is the best I have come across! With the threat of EEE I am extremely paranoid about my child being outdoors for long periods of time in mosquito friendly conditions, as any mom would be. With this net ocer my childs car seat we were able to go camping worry free and with piece of mind!

The zipper access to the child is not convenient for taking the infant out of the seat or putting the infant in, it would be better to remove the product for this task. The opening is just big enough for assisting with pacifiers and toys or stationary feedings.

As a family that enjoys the outdoors, the greatest feature on this product is the screened containment. It provides

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