Lots of Ribbon? I found the most efficient storage idea!




My primary workspace happens to be under the stairs in my basement, so I have been on the hunt for storage solutions for all of my craft supplies. I decided to chance an idea I saw on Pinterest in an effort to get my ribbon under control. Those large rolls take up a lot of room. The result? Success!

The links provided in this post have great pictures to describe what I’m talking about since I forgot to take before and after pictures.

I originally had my ribbon stored on pants hangers. My first attempt at consolidation was using tongue depressors (large popsicle sticks) that I had on hand, but I found that the flat surface created creases when the ribbon was wrapped around.

Ribbon on Pants Hangers

Ribbon Wrapped Tongue Depressors

My next step had me at the local craft store purchasing wooden doll pins. They worked so much better. They are shorter than the tongue depressors so they take up less room, and there are no creases left in my ribbon.

Ribbon Wrapped Doll Pins

Best of all, everything is organized and condensed!








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