Last Days of Summer

 My household has decided to make the rest of the summer an adventure!

First time crabbing!

Yesterday began with a spur of the moment trip to the Weir River Farm in Hingham, Massachusetts for a tiny hike and a visit with the horses, pigs, chickens, goats, and cows. When we arrived it turned out to be an Open Barnyard/ Story Time Day. This would have been perfect if dogs were allowed or there was a place to park that wasn’t in complete sunlight.

Because we had the dog along we had to figure out something else to do. I realized that it was just around time for low tide and drove down to my grandmother’s house for my son and nephews very first crabbing experience! This wasn’t crabbing for dinner, this was little kid crabbing that I used to love. “Down by the Bay” was one of my favorite childhood songs because one of my favorite activities was… well, crabbing.

We headed down the street with bucket in hand ready for adventure! And an adventure it was! Almost every low-tide rock we flipped over had one of those tiny green crabs scurrying around!


Tomato Picking!

What is a CSA? In the spring we pay a local farm one flat fee for fresh produce to be picked up weekly (called a “share”) from their crops. This CSA happens to be at one my favorite farms to bring the kids to, Weir River Farm in Hingham, Massachusetts. Every week there is a “PYO” (Pick Your Own) part of your produce. Today I finally got my nephew to get out of the car and join me. He had a blast! We walked through so many rows of cherry tomatoes while popping a few in our mouths for a snack 😉

So… along with the 3 pints of tomatoes in our share this week we also got 2 pounds of regular sized tomatoes and 3 pounds of onions. Needless to say, We are up to our elbows in tomatoes. Good thing I found this recipe from one of my favorite bloggers, Oh She Glows! This recipe turned out so amazing if you like ethnic food! Perfect amount of heat for cold weather! I was able to freeze (3) 1.5 pint jars for the winter!


Farm Animals and Ice Cream!

Day three ended up being our makeup day at Weir River Farm. We had the whole place to ourselves. For those of you who are unsure of how to actually access the farm, you have to park on Turkey Hill Lane in Hingham, Mass. We usually drive to the very top of Turkey Hill and take a mini-hike down to the animals. The top of the hill is adjacent to both a private residence and a huge open field with a bunker and trail entrances that ultimately lead to Whitney Thayer Woods in Cohasset.


To make your way down to the animals you follow a path along the cow pasture into the woods for a hike that is both fun and suitable for children. Once we got to the end of the wooded area we were welcomed by goats who had made their way over a stone wall to feed on nearby vegetation! They were so adorable and friendly.















We were a little disappointed that the cows and the horses were not interested in socializing with us and that there were no pigs today but there were plenty of sheep and free range chicken!









From there we made our way to a new juice bar in Cohasset called Lido Juice. Unfortunately they were closed for renovations but we were in luck because one of my favorite sandwich shops, The Fresh Feast, was right around the corner- they were closed too. After brainstorming our next move while playing on the front porch of Lidos we decided to travel to Hingham Square for Nona’s Ice Cream! Nona’s ice cream is handmade and never disappoints!

2 thoughts on “Last Days of Summer

  1. Thanks for the shout out! I’m so happy to hear we are one of your favorite sandwich shops; sorry we were closed when you were psyched to have one of our sandwiches. Please bring that adorable child to my shop when we reopen Tuesday, September 2nd or after so I can treat him to an organic lollipop:)

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