Savoring the Last Days of Summer Leads to Toddler Insanity

About a month ago my son and I went to the beach with some friends for some fun and pillowcase dress modeling. My son, not yet daring enough to let go of anything to walk on his own, was mesmerized by how effortlessly my little model was walking around. A few days later we happened to both be at the same birthday party, so my son was able to observe this “walking thing” a little more.¬†

Within two weeks he was running in circles around my house. One month later all hell breaks lose!

During our task of mindfully savoring the last days of summer something happened to my son. One evening I came home and started to prepare dinner while he played in the livingroom. I took a peek into the room to find him on his Rody and bouncing up and down with a huge grin on his face. Adorable! All is good so I go back into the kitchen. A few minutes later I hear his high pitched scream of happiness. When I take a look I found in standing on the oversized living room chair jumping up and down while waving diapers in the air. The floor was also covered in diapers… and the dog was on the couch watching like nothing interesting was happening. At this same moment the preheating oven begins to fill the house with smoke! I quickly turned the oven off and opened all the windows in the house. Once the oven had cooled, I grabbed a destroyed diaper and wiped up all the oil on the bottom of the oven that I hadn’t noticed from the previous night.

The next evening he should have been completely wiped out, just as the night before- but he wasn’t. Somehow he managed to rip the heating vent off the side of the wall in our newly painted dining room and started shoving his Legos in there. Once I have all the pieces back in their Lego bag, I figured that I was home free and he really had nothing else to shove in there. Well, I was wrong. He found his sneakers. I was up that night between the hours of 1AM and 4AM searching Google for “toddler energy busters” and searching children used and yard sale Facebook pages for a toddler trampoline. No luck, yet.

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