Tutorials: Pregnancy Cold Melter, Warm Crib Sheets, and Hand Spray

Living on the coastline in New England, we must be prepared when cold weather hits. Most recently, my neighborhood made it through a blizzard warning with flying colors. Though, prepared, we did not lose power, heat, or plumbing.

Unfortunately, with this cold weather brings the flu, colds, and cabin fever. I am personally allergic to the preservative in the flu shot and with so many mothers of special needs children around me, I have made the decision not vaccinate my 2 year old son for the flu. Because of this we have to be very aware of our surroundings and the health of people we spend time with over the winter.

With that said, I would like to share some things that I have been relying on lately.

Pregnancy Cold Melter

Pregnancy Cold Melter


1 french press

(optional) 2 tsp loose leaf organic black tea

¼ c. honey

2 tbl. shaved fresh ginger (use a vegetable peeler)

2 tsp. ground cayane pepper or chili pepper


Add all ingredients to french press and steep for 10 minutes prior to pouring yourself a cup. Warning: Sip this slowly, your tolerance to the “heat” provided by the ginger and pepper may effect how much you drink.

Bed Warmers

Bed Warmers

It is no secret that caution must be used with electric blankets and to avoid their use with small children. When my son was born I began making these lavender scented bed warmers to stick under the blankets before putting my son in his crib at night. This tutorial could absolutely be adapted to make a neck warmer for yourself or pocket warmers for the kids at the bus stop!

Materials: (Makes 2)

Sewing Machine

*Two sheets of felt , different colors

*Felt glue, non-toxic


Uncooked rice

(optional) lavender essential oil

Choose the felt color for the pouch of your bed warmer. Take this sheet of felt and cut into 4 rectangular pieces. Cut out two fun characters with the other color felt.  At Salted, we cut out dinosaurs and whales. Glue your characters to your felt rectangles and let dry. You should have two blank rectangles and two rectangles accented with your characters.

Sandwich one blank rectangle with one accented rectangle and sew three sides together. Add two tablespoons of uncooked rice to the pouches and sew the fourth side to close the pouch.

If adding lavender oil, add one drop to the blank side of the pouch.

Heat these to your desired safe temperature in the microwave, starting 10 seconds at a time, and slip into your child’s crib under the blankets 15 minutes prior to putting them to bed. ***Remove the Bed Warmer from the crib when putting your child to sleep.

Hand Spray

Hand Spray

Some people are very weary of the chemicals and dry skin that accompany many hand sanitizers. Here is an all-natural alternative that might ease your mind. These ingredients are meant to moisturize your skin and have antibacterial properties.


1 c. water

½ c. aloe vera concentrate

¼ c. grapeseed oil

15 drops tea tree oil

20 drops grapefruit oil

Combine all ingredients in a large glass jar, cover, and shake! Next, add to a spray bottle and use as needed!

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