Tutorial: Miracle Foot Bath

Foot Bath

Whether you have an awful toenail fungus or just love a good foot soak, this is for you! Start this regimen now and show off your smooth feet and crystal clear toenails this summer!

Keep in mind, this story is not to “shmooze” any products, it is just my story. I had spent money trying everything under the sun other than the new laser surgery. This is the only thing that has shown immediate results.

I suffered from a case of toenail fungus for years. It got so bad that my foot doctor ended up cutting off all five toenails on one foot. I also had a case of persistent athletes foot from years of wearing work boots to work.

After giving up on the loony tune that cut off all my toenails as a “preventive measure” I had to find a new podiatrist for an ingrown toenail. This guy was excellent and I WOWED him! He noticed that there was a very defined line in my toenails where the fungus began and stopped. He had asked what I had been doing… and I told him about this foot soak. He had never seen anything like it and brought his other doctors in to see.

Here it is!


One bottle of classic yellow Listerine

One bottle of apple cider vinegar

Pour a 50:50 mixture of the two into your choice of a footbath container, make sure it has a lid!

Soak your foot/ feet twice a day for 20 minutes. When finished, replace the cover and store away until your next soak. Refill as needed with equal parts of each ingredient!

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