“Galactagogue”: a food or drug that promotes or increases the flow of a mother’s milk.

Our word of the day is “Galactagogue”, which Google defines as a food or drug that promotes or increases the flow of a mother’s milk.

Because Salted began primarily as a retail resource for “crunchy” moms, my first products consisted of reusable breast pads and all natural creams such as nipple cream and diaper rash cream. With every set of reusable breast pads I sold, I gave a free sample of Fenugreek Seeds. These were all products I used myself. After personal experience and reading internet reviews from similar minded moms, I found that everyone reacts to Fenugreek Seeds (steeped as a tea) differently. Some swear by it, some blame their mastitis on it, some had no effect.

Since I am in the middle of my second pregnancy, my interest in the subject of galactagogues have increased. I understand that their are other tea’s out there specifically marketed to help increase milk production for breastfeeding moms, but personally, I am a very big tea snob. Within the past year I have started drinking only organic loose leaf teas because of the toxins found in pesticides that treat the plants in the tea blends, as well as the large amount of toxins in tea bags. BTW, I have found that the loose leaf tea I purchase lasts much longer than my prior favorite brand of tea bags, Barry’s. I could go on and on on this topic, but now back to the subject of todays post.

With my background, I tend to reach for technical reports for this sort of information. However, I have found this great article that summarizes exactly what I was researching, everyday foods to help increase milk production! Also, within this article is a link to a Lactation Cookie recipe! Who doesn’t love cookies?!

If your pregnant, nesting, and have breastfeeding goals in you’re future, GET READY TO STOCK YOUR PANTRY!

And of course, breastfeeding is not for everyone- no judgement here! But this article may also be beneficial to those who want to decrease milk production by avoiding the foods listed!

Breastfeeding Blog by Motherwear: Galactagogue Week

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