Crafty Nursery Spin

Are you a little pregnant and feeling a little “nesty”? If you’re looking to add a little of your own unique spin to your baby’s nursery rather than settling for store bought décor, take a look.


These are a few non-committal projects that I was able to do for my son’s nursery a couple years ago. I use the term “non-committal” because they are quick and easy enough for the exhausted pregnant woman to accomplish, and if you do run out of steam you wont feel so defeated.nurserytut


  1. Framed Children’s Book Quotes: These picture frames were purchased from my local Marshalls (similar to Ross Stores) for about $7-$12 each. When I purchased them they were mismatched but similar enough to spray paint and look good together. Scrapbook paper was cut to fit my printer and used to match the color scheme of the room
  2. Mobile: Again, to keep the color scheme, this project used scrapbook paper. The hardware used was a photo mobile from Kikkerland. Intended for photographs, you can hang almost anything from the 10 clips on this mobile. I used one of my favorite tutorial blogs to create the paper pieces hanging from the clamps, How About Orange.
  3. Pouf/ Foot Stool: This tutorial is for those who want to go a little bit farther. This pouf was one of my first sewing projects (ever!). I taught myself to sew early in my pregnancy. I had a rocking chair handed down to me from when I was born and knew I would want to keep my feet up. Sewing this pouf was my solution. The tutorial can be found here.
  4. I never got around to it, but this time around I will be attempting this Wooden Baby Gym. If you are less of a seamstress and more of a carpenter, this should be a piece of cake!

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